GHHF Urgent Appeal to GOI & Supreme Court:

GHHF Urgent Appeal to GOI & Supreme Court:

June 12, 2022
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Why this petition matters

*GHHF Urgent Appeal to GOI & Supreme Court:*

Enough is Enough…

Over 100 million Hindus have been subjected to inconceivably barbaric genocide over the centuries. Majority of atrocities have been suffered at the merciless and vengeful hands of the Islamists. Yet while they cry hoarse of being victimized, the Hindus, constantly on the defensive, are invariably on the receiving end of the stick. Hinduphobic aggressions are increasingly threatening the fabric of Hindu society even when the peaceful Hindu community is being ostracized as Islamophobic. It is this false narrative that is fanning the fires perpetrated in madrasas and mosques all across India.

As for the recent outrage and burning, stone pelting visible on the streets across 14 states, it is not so much accruing out of so called sacrilegious remarks of Nupur Sharma. Her purported provocative comment is not the real issue; she was emotionally responding to attempts by Hinduphobes to mock the Shiva Linga. Well how often  have we witnessed unabashed demonizing of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

India has a vibrant judiciary. As if a slap on the face of our esteemed judges from active courts in the length and breadth of this pious nation, there is existential threat and open challenge of taking law into hands by professing mobocracy and blind calls of Sar Tan Se Juda". Is this sharia land? Well, the war is at the door-front of the Administration and the justice system. It’s now or never.

India is the only country for Hindus and it is imperative that Hindus feel safe, which is fast dissipating as a realization.  About 95 per cent of all global Hindus live in India; but there are 153 Christian-majority nations, and 51 Muslim-majority ones, according to Pew Research. 

It is evident that If Indian Christians and Muslims so want, they can get the world to meddle in Indian issues, which is what happened when Nupur Sharma spoke about the Prophet, but if anything is done to Hindus anywhere, the world will just shrug it off. They will say: “That is your job, you have one billion Hindus and you can’t do a thing about the few million targeted in your neighborhood?”

So we as concerned worldwide Hindu community appeal to you to initiate imminent action to subvert this menacing monster before it goes out of control.  

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Signatures: 112Next Goal: 200
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