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Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam , Uttar Pradesh.: Stop constructing Solid Waste Management Plant @ Crossings Republik, GZB.

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We would like to state that the proposed Solid Waste Management Plant site is coming just opposite our residential society (within a distance of 50 meters). We along with our family and around 1.5 lakh people who are going to live in this township will be severely affected by the proposed site. Also there are many villages and people from lower income group who are going to be adversely affected as they live all around this site.

Following are the key points of our objections:

1. The Solid Waste Management Plant site, which has been proposed by Municipal Board, is all surrounded by residential localities, apartments and villages. This is completely in contradiction of the rules laid out by “Municipal Solid Waste Management and Handling in 2000 and ‘The Guidelines and Check-list for evaluation of MSW Landfills proposals’ issued by Central Pollution Control Board in August, 2008.

For example:

a. There is a 360 acre township named CROSSINGS REPUPLIK within a distance of 50 meters from this site. The township houses more than 20,000 apartments and is approved by Ghaziabad Development Authority as they have sold land to 23 private builders to build the township. At present 10,000 of family is residing in this Township and the total population of this township is expected to be 1.5 lakh people, who are going to occupy their apartments in near future. The township is also going to have educational institutions like schools, hospital, Shopping Malls and entertainment avenues.

b. The Shahberi Village, which is at a mere 100 meter distance from the boundary wall of the proposed township, is going to be hugely affected by it.

c. The biggest engineering college in the surrounding namely ABES ENGINEERING COLLEGE is at a distance of 250 meters from proposed site. There are more than 5000 students who study in this college and more than 2000 reside in the Hostel facility which is just near by. The construction of the Solid Waste Management Plant near such a place of important cultural and social interest is prohibited under MSW rules.

d. Another big township named ANSAL AQUAPOLIS, which has been approved / licensed by the Ghaziabad Authorities, is at the same location (Zero distance) where the proposed site is. This township is expected to have ten thousand (10, 000) residential apartments and more than Fifty Thousand (50, 000) residents.

The above examples clearly shows that the proposed Solid Waste Management Plant site is near or surrounded by residential areas approved by the responsible and competent government authorities of Ghaziabad District and any landfill site can not be built near any habitation cluster as per MSW Rules 2000.

2. As per the Guidelines and Check List for evaluation of MSW Landfill Proposals (Para A-2) issued by the Central Pollution Control Board in Aug., 2008, a buffer zone non-development of 500 meters outside the boundary of landfill site has to be maintained, which has been completely violated and ignored, while selecting this site for landfill purpose.

3. The close proximity of the residential areas around the Solid Waste Management Plant site is exposing around 1.5 lakh people to the nuisance of bad odour, flies, rodents, bird menace and the fire hazards. It could be very dangerous to the health concern of such a large population as they are directly exposed to big epidemics like cholera, diahorrea and other skin infections etc. This does not conform to the specification as mentioned in Schedule IV (Para 3 (ii) of Municipal Solid Waste (Management and Handling) Rules 2000.

4. The proposed Solid Waste Management Plant site does not conform to the site specification as per the Municipal Solid Waste (Management & Handling) Rules 2000 in force and the specifications for Landfill Sites as per Schedule-III. The site selection has not been done based on the proper examination of the environmental issues as specified in relevant rules, and Rejection and Knock-out criteria have not been followed.

5. As per the Rules and guidelines of Central Pollution Control Board vide their Notification dated Aug. 2008, the Solid Waste Management Plant site should be designed for at least 20-25 years while the proposed site is designed for only 3 years. To back this fact, the NOC issued dated 21-Oct-09 (subject to clearance of Environment Impact Assessment) by State Pollution Control Board is just for 2 years only.

6. Another important fact is that the maximum capacity of the proposed Solid Waste Management Plant site is 400 TPD, but the Municipal Waste generated by Ghaziabad is approximately 500 TPD as of now (in 2010), which is increasing considerably year-on-year (As per the EIA report clause No. 2.3 Table 2.3 (page No. 19). Hence, the proposed site is not capable enough of handling the wastes now being generated and hence, constructing this landfill site will not serve ‘intended purpose’ (effective Municipal Waste management). The crores of rupees which is being spent on constructing the proposed landfill sites will be wasted and of no use if does not serve the purpose.

In additions to the points given above, We also would like to draw your attention towards the EIA / EMP report forwarded to The Member Secretary, Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board, by Office of the Project Manager (Unit-27), Construction and Design Services, U.P. Jal Nigam, Sector-51, Noida, (U.P) vide their letter No. 3/Hindon Air Field/C dated 4.01.2010 (Based on which Public Hearing has been Notified as per the Notification dated 15th March, 2010 under reference):

We would like to state that the above mentioned EIA project report is prepared with ‘complete misrepresentation of actual facts’. It is a BOOK OF DESIGN FLAWS and has innumerable contradictory statements. This is a willful attempt to hide the actual facts from the respected govt. authorities and to somehow get the project cleared by providing misleading information. Moreover, it is a vain attempt to project this completely ‘unsuitable and undesirable’ dumping ground site into a viable and moderate site. The actual picture is deliberately hidden by the agency who prepared this report. The data which has been represented in the report is completely untrue and misrepresentation of the facts. The office bearers, who prepared this report has completely ignored the consequences of a Solid Waste Management Plant site which is coming near the densely populated area.

If the site is approved as per this report, It will lead to serious health hazard to an approximately 1.5 lakh population in the surrounding area and it will be a complete violation of the fundamental rights (right to live) of the general public.

We would request for a detailed enquiry and held the person/organization accountable for preparing and submitting this false report for such an important project, which can lead to endangering of lives of lakhs of people. At the same time, I also would like that the proposed Solid Waste Management Plant site in Dundahera be declared ‘undesirable’ and rejected immediately.

I would like to bring each and every misrepresentation of facts and design flaws in bulleted points from this report and counter them by providing you the actual facts and also with my objections to each of them.

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