Making Edem the official Ambassador fo Volta Tourism and Creative Arts

Making Edem the official Ambassador fo Volta Tourism and Creative Arts

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Why this petition matters

Started by Selorm Ameza

Edem remains one of the leading Creative Individuals from the Volta region to have been able to nurture their talents to gain National and International recognition and influence. He is a well recognized and internationally trusted brand and he is currently embarking on a mission to unite Talents so that Volta music can make waves on the global market.

I believe Edem with his impressive track record in the music industry and his agenda to get involved in the development of Talents through his seminars and then Tourism as well through his annual Edemfest puts him in a perfect place to lead the agenda to develop Tourism and Creative Arts within the Volta Region.

Tourism is now becoming a big industry in Ghana and the Volta Region has been referred to as the microcosm of Tourism in Ghana. This means that we need to have a recognized Ambassador who would champion the project to fully harness the potential of Tourism to boost the development of the region. And Edem is without doubt the best candidate for the job.

This petition is therefor to call for the institutions responsible for Tourism and Creative Arts to make Edem the official Volta Tourism and Creative Arts Ambassador this 2022 in order to drive the agenda of changing the fate of Tourism and Creative Arts in the region.

The Youths of Volta can benefit from Tourism and Creative Arts if strategic plans and ideas are initiated and Edem has the passion and experience to lead such an agenda. 

And we can all agree Edem is worthy and deserving of the title as the Official Volta Tourism and Creative Arts Ambassador.


289 have signed. Let’s get to 500!