Find the Murderers and abductors of our women and children in Ashanti.

Find the Murderers and abductors of our women and children in Ashanti.

June 8, 2021
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Why this petition matters


Three children have been cruelly murdered in different locations in the Ashanti region from March to May 2021.
In April, a four year old boy was strangled at Boete in Obuasi.
In the same month, four year old Benedicta was found with her throat slit a week after she went missing at Offinso. Few metres from her house another boy little Abddallah has gone missing in May and has since not been found.

In March, little kwaku Tawiah who was playing infront of thier home at Asonomaso was abducted and cruelly murdered with a wooden plank fitted with nails.

Also in Asonomaso, Emmanuel Gyasi, 19 has gone missing since April.

We need answers to these senseless killings. We want the perpetrators found and the missing children brought to thier families.

In April, Sabina, a 38 year old water melon seller woke up at dawn to purchase melons for sale on the open market.

Three days later her body was found by the roadside between Yabe and  Dida, in the Atwima Kwanwnoma District of Ashanti.

Her right breast and some fingers were missing. Some toes on her right foot were also missing.

These are but few of the bizarre murders of women and children in the region.

As long as these case remain cold and some of these innocent children remain missing, it strikes an eerie feeling of uncertainty and fear in citizens living in these areas of Ashanti region.

It is prudent that the security agencies treat these as urgent as possible and government put pressure on duty bearers to fish out the perpetrators and provide cogent answers to calm nerves.

Who is killing these women and children?

For what purpose?

Who is behind it?

Where are these missing children?

Are our women and children safe?

We need answers and now.




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Signatures: 651Next Goal: 1,000
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