Dual Citizenship for Ghanaians in Germany

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In accordance with the Citizenship Act of 2002 (Act 591), Ghanaians are eligible to hold Dual citizenship. The Ghanaian law allows it and so does German law. But Ghanaians in Germany are still being asked to renounce their Ghanaian citizenship in other to acquire German citizenship at exorbitant cost.
The Ausländerbehörde across Germany when asked are saying they have received no official confirmation from the Ghanaian Embassy that Ghanaians can hold dual citizenship. Ghanaians in other EU countries are enjoying this privilege that our constitution affords us but not Ghanaians in Germany.
We continue to pay one of the highest fees for renouncing our citizenship as well as huge visa fees anytime we choose to go home. Is this delay willful and intentional by the Ghanaian Embassy to continue to extort unnecessary renunciation fees from Ghanaians?
We would like the GHANAIAN EMBASSY IN GERMANY to come out and officially explain the reason why they have not informed the German Government of the change to our constitution. The reason as to which the embassy has kept Ghanaian citizens in the dark concerning this right for the past 17 years