Conspiracies and cheating in GGSIPU sports meet and fixing first &second place tug of war

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On 12/10/2018, I got to experience something so different and if more appropriately said, something really shocking and disturbing in the field of sports. Yes, I'm talking about the GGSIPU sports meet 2018. We (GTBIT Tug of war team- boys) started of will full enthusiasm and zeal to have a gold around our necks by the end of the sports meet. We cleared the first two rounds very easily on the first day of the sports meet, i. e., 11/10/18, and went back very sure of winning the next day's matches. As expected, we cleared 2 bouts again.. That too really easily. The next bout was our semi final with VIPS and that's when the dirty politics in sports begun even at university level. We lost the first round and have no regrets since it was fair. Then as the second round began, the referee made us adjust the rope and without giving us the steady call, gave the call to pull. After that, during the match there were three referees on our our side of the rope, one at the center and none on the other side. One of the referees was constantly distracting our second last player which was not at all acceptable. At a point he literally grabbed the hand of our player and pulled him up. And believe me that is not all, towards the end of our round, the first player of the VIPS team had his legs beyond the line which means that we win that round according to rules, but the referee did not blow the whistle. And as we were about to get the rope to our side, one of the referees jumped the rope to the other side while the match was going on which is completely not acceptable, and due to the lack of proper boundaries during our match, the entire VIPS college entered the playing area and there was a lot of confusion there... At one point, the entire VIPS team had fallen down and all the referees were correcting us unecessarily when they should've corrected the other team since touching the ground is considered as a foul, and even when the entire team had fallen down, our team felt a massive tug on the rope from the other side as if taking advantage of the situation, some more people from the VIPS college had pulled the rope to their side. As a result of all these conspiracies, our team which deserved a gold lost the semi final to VIPS. Questioning the panel later on, we came to know that the first and second position had already been fixed for USIT and VIPS respectively from the first day itself. The referees agreed to their deed but asked for a video proof since they knew that nothing could've been visible in a video with so much confusion.
That day, a team with so much talent and capability lost due to foul play. We beat the team of DIRD who had been gold medalists for so long, I think that's a proof that we were made for gold. We had trained so hard and believed that we will win a gold. And now it's even harder to believe that we lost only because of politics! I have one request people, do give your best and have a zeal to win, but don't kill the spirit of sports by planning to make someone lose using foul play and snatch that win. Doesn't make you less than a bunch of cowards. Also, the coaches and referees who encourage and involve in this, do remember the time when you played, and how it would've felt when someone snatched your victory using conspiracies. Have some respect for your coaches and sports itself. Great SHAME for these people !!!! Never trusting the panel of GGSIPU again.