Stop the use of Delta ALR for industrial processing of organic waste

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The open air organic waste facility at GFL/Enviro-Smart, 4295 72nd Street, Ladner is on farm land.  The use of the land does not meet the established Agricultural Land Commission zoning requirements. Only enforcement of the ALC regulations on zoning will stop this abuse of farm land and putrid smell generated by the rotting waste.

GFL is not compliant with the Agricultural Land Commission regulations. GFL is a large scale industry within the jurisdiction of the Agricultural Land Reserve hoping to get bigger. The City of Delta has given this corporation a building permit for a business unrelated to farming and is failing to protect the residents of Ladner from the putrid smell that pollutes the air we breathe. The contaminated air has affected the quality of life and health of the residents. It has to stop!

The Compost Council of Canada website states: “Excessive or offensive odours are generally a sign that the composting process is not proceeding properly, usually because of inadequate aeration or excessive moisture.” Delta always has excessive moisture. On health issues it states, “The conclusion reached by health and environmental agencies in the US and Europe is that normal, healthy individuals suffer no increased health risk by either working at, or living near, a compost facility. However, some individuals may be more sensitive to microbes at a composting facility.” What if you are not a normal or healthy individual living near the facility and you suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues? Nothing has been mentioned of the anxiety and mental anguish of not being able to go outside due to the smell.

We need your support to stop the abuse of farm land and to protect our residents from breathing polluted putrid air. We need our quality of life restored so that we can enjoy the outdoors, our parks and our school children can play outside while breathing clean air.