Getting the Toodyay Shire and other Local Governments to stop ignoring rate payers

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In the Toodyay Shire of Western Australia there have been yearly rate increases for at least 5 years straight. 

Yesterday (28/8/18) the Council, having received a petition signed by 1,999 (61%) Toodyay residents  and rate payers requesting the rate rise to be kept below 0.9% this year, subsequently voted for a 2.2% rate increase this year.

In addition they voted to pursue a strategy of increasing rates by at least 2.5% every year for the next 10 years.

A number of cost saving strategies brought forward by the public have been ignored.

The Councillors, though, voted against lowering their own income for sitting on the council.

This year the Toodyay Shire set the minimum property rate at $1,318.00 whilst in comparison the City of South Perth's minimum rate is $984.00. This makes the Shire of Toodyay’s minimum rates more than $330.00 higher. But property values aren't commensurate with these exorbitantly high rates. In comparison South Perth median house price is $1,272,500.00 whilst Toodyay's is $304,500.00. (

In addition questions have been asked about $2.35 million that seems to not be able to be accounted for in the Toodyay Shire's accounts. Reportedly questions raised as to  the possible whereabouts of these funds have been ruled as "out of order". 

We are asking the  Honourable David Templeman Dip Tchg BEd MLA
Minister for Local Government; Heritage; Culture and The Arts to veto this current rate rise and the planned blanket 2.5% yearly rate rise for the next ten years.

We are also asking the Minister to investigate the Toodyay Shire and any other Shire/ Local Government  that display similar actions.

We want to force local governments to start listening, to be fully transparent, to slow spending and start cost cutting on excess spending instead of putting the financial burden on us i.e. start applying sound Economic policy.

If you are a Toodyay Shire resident or in fact a resident in any Shire/Local Government that is also not listening to the people that voted them in on the premise that they are there to look after your interests and the community's interests then you should sign this petition and share it on.