Get Grant Walton Reinstated At Eaton Community College

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A Video has emerged of a Vice Principal Breaking up a fight and sweeping a child off his feet. The Altercation involved an apparent ex student and another student. The School fight, which led to Footage being leaked and an investigation being conducted by Police has resulted in the possibility of Grant Walton being sacked.

It is known that Eaton has in its past, had issues between Parents/Teachers over students who have caused problems for the Staff and Parents in the Eaton Community. This actually happens on a daily basis as some students cause problems around the community also, When there is an issue for example this fight, Grant, who is known as a Role model at Eaton Community College is usually one of many Teachers who steps and tries to de-escalate the situations. Grant is Highly regarded by his peers and is well known in the Eaton Community by Parents of students. If Teachers are not allowed to step in and intervene, who is to say what happens when Parents come to the school abusing teachers, staff and admin for not Intervening. It is clear that Teachers do not have enough resources or options and are often forced in situations like this which involve Being stepped down and usually this happens to People who are the ones that Are the nicest and Professional and do what is best, In this case, It was Grant Walton,Vice Principal of Eaton Community College

"Education Department professional standards and conduct executive director Mike Cullen said it was carrying out a thorough investigation into an allegation that a school staff member from a public school in the greater Bunbury area physically assaulted a student."- PerthNow 

It is Unfair that Mr Walton Has to be Stepped down as he was doing what is in theory, the means needed to protect other students,This could happen anywhere and to Any Teacher. The teacher should be praised for his efforts to Stop the situation. 

Being a STUDENT at Eaton Community College for four years ,I, and many other ex students, Parents and teachers of the Eaton community and surrounds can confirm Mr Walton is deserving of his job, He Is always friendly and In mine and many other peoples opinions, Always put Students and Parents first.The Parent should be punished, sent a fine, or even Take the child away for some Juvenile Detention, you cannot have a community of children being reckless and harming others. The Article Produced by GWN 7 news paints a bleak image of a Teacher doing his job to keep other students safe. Maybe if the Department of Education Took a different view of the problem Teachers and staff face in these situations, They would be allowed to use other means within reason to De-escalate an altercation. The Parent of the Child Instigating the fight should have their child taken away or sent to Juvenile detention for not Punishing the child enough. You cannot have fights in a school, so why was The principal punished for Doing what others would agree was best,

We sincerely ask The Department of Education and Mike Cullen look to overturn this. 

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