Getting East Dumbartonshire coucil to act now

Getting East Dumbartonshire coucil to act now

1 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Robert Smith
  • For the past 6-7 years Springfield Square in Bishopbriggs has been damaged constantly and consistently by a singular tenant. Causing damage by - 
  • Fly tipping 
  • Lighting fires in and around the street 
  • Stealing items from accompanying homes gardens 
  • Stealing morisons trolleys
  • Verbally Sexualy insulting people 
  • Assaulting locals
  • Damaging property 
  • Setting his own home on fire damaging the attached homes 
  • Yearly house fires 
  • And much, much more

For years now we Tennants on this street have had to endure. Multiple cases logged with fire, police and East Dumbartonshire coucil. As this man is clearly not in the right mind, he might require a medical facility or a safer location where he can be monitored 


I can't stress how lives are in danger here with a constant threat of death due to house fires, the constant throwing of glass bottles along with plates and other items at Tennants and the over all constant breach of the peace. 

We Tennants have had nothing but resistance from East Dumbartonshire coucil, no Appolgies, no repair work to our damaged properties or any effort to clean and protect our local environment. 

For years I have documented these actions, now I'm speaking out along with multiple Tennants to social media, it is time for action and not false promises. East Dumbartonshire coucil have proven themselves mutiple times to fail in securing and looking after thier own Tennants, yet still increase rent and council tax. 

I will try my best to share every part of information that is given to me by the coucil. They have not been forthcoming with answers or solutions to this issue. 

Our local Councillor Ben Rose has also been called forth to act now.


Every signature this petition gets is another voice that East Dumbartonshire coucil Must listen to. 


Thank you for your time and help 

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Signatures: 39Next Goal: 50
Support now