Get Wendy's to starting selling frozen fries for stores!

Get Wendy's to starting selling frozen fries for stores!

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Started by Adrian Welch

Back in 2017, Me and my dad first tried out wendy's for the first time which that was taken in Cape Cod, MA.

I wanted to try out their fries, and when i put the first fry in my mouth as soon as they gave us our food, It tasted like golden heaven for my taste buds. I was like "Dang these taste pretty good thanks to their quality of food!" so i ate some fries from the container and it ended up with some really good terms. this shows how much i like this fast food place! so i would go back there again for more.

another time after my mom's graduation. i wanted to show my mom the place so she can try out the good fries they have. My mom really liked the fries they had there. And the rest of my family really like that place too!

in late 2018, they started selling fries for $1 for a limited time. so we decided to get 5 order of fries everytime we come to the place! this still shows how much their fries still taste like heaven, everything they put in their food is ACTUAL QUALITY.

sadly in November 2018 they have ended the event of their fries selling $1 and decided to return to their old prices, i know most people out their that like wendy's may want this event again in the future and i kindly agree too!

Over the past few months, most of my friends really like their fries at wendy's and they think it taste better than how McDonalds fries taste. even though mcdonalds fries are a bit salty when you put it in your mouth, but i still like their fries too. and now everyone agrees that wendy's has the best fries out in town yet!

So i had the idea of them maybe selling frozen fries for people that want to bake their own wendy's fries at home, because i know most people think they should eat wendy's fries everyday but most people like saving money for privacy reasons. so instead of having to go to wendy's just to order the fries, they should start selling them at grocery stores for everyone to buy their own wendy's fries to bake instead!

this should make wendy's really better and should help everyone that wanted to save money for other reasons that don't want to order fries everyday when they go to wendy.

If you agree with me and you want this change for wendy's too then SIGN, SHARE, AND CHIP UP TODAY!


Wendy's customer support: 1 (888) 624-8140





34 have signed. Let’s get to 50!