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Health experts agree: Trans fats should be avoided.

So why are the Girl Scouts selling thousands and thousands of boxes of cookies that contain the stuff even though, under an FDA loophole, they can label them as containing "0 grams" of trans-fat. 

Unlike other fats which are generally good to reduce in most people's diets, trans fats are especially dangerous because they increase risk for heart disease by raising your "bad" cholesterol levels and reducing "good" cholesterol. Doctors call this the "double barreled" impact of trans fats and in many locations including New York City, the use of trans fats has been banned in food production.

Americans shouldn't have to choose between supporting the Girl Scouts in their lives and taking care of their health.

The Girl Scouts should be truer to its message of helping girls "develop their full potential" by removing trans fat from all of its cookies. Girls can't reach their full potential if they become sick with diabetes or heart disease.

photo: yuki80

Letter to
Girl Scouts Media Relations Michelle Tompkins
Girl Scouts CEO Kathy Cloninger
The Girl Scouts are dedicated to helping girls "develop their full potential." But how can they do that if they become sick with diabetes or even heart disease?

The cookies that are synonymous for most Americans with the Girl Scouts contain trans fats, which health experts agree should be avoided.

And yet Girl Scout cookies are the cookies most Americans, even health-conscious ones, are likely to eat. They shouldn't have to choose between supporting the Girl Scouts and caring for their health.

I would like to ask you to demand that any cookies sold by Girl Scouts be trans fat-free. In this way, the scouts could take a leadership role in the national conversation about healthier, more sustainable eating habits in this country.

Although the cookies can legally be labeled as containing "0 grams" of trans fat, the partially hydrogenated oils in the list of ingredients reveal that the cookies do contain trans fats. Indeed, the misleading label could lead many Americans to believe they are avoiding trans fats when in fact they are not.

Many foods have already eliminated trans fats. Girl Scout cookies should not be the laggard.

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