Get Penguin book publishers to publish George Michael's BARE autobiography again

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This is a message to Tony Parsons (the author of 'Bare: George Michael, His Own Story'), to the Penguin Book publishers and hopefully George Michael's sisters. We would like for you all to re-publish this book again for all the many George Michael fans. This book is no longer in circulation and cannot be bought brand new now, unless they buy it for an over inflated price from bogus sellers.

This book has gained a lot of interest since George Michael passed away, RIP.

This book is extremely hard to find now and there a lot of people selling them for an extortionate price, some in the region of £2000, which is absolutely ridiculous. In fact these people seem to be cashing in on George Michael's death and it is vile behaviour and is not fair to true George Michael fans. By re-publishing this book means it will stamped out those bogus sellers.

I believe this is the official autobiography that George Michael gave his blessing to, so it is something that a lot of George Michael fans want to read and treasure. I also believe this book is a very good read and tells the true official story how the Greek Cypriot boy from North London made it to the top of the music charts in countries all over the world.

Please consider re-publishing this book again. A lot of money can be created out of this with the proceeds going to one of George Michael's favourite charities.

Thank you
Tony Antoniou (true George Michael fan)

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