Get the Glazers out of Manchester United

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Manchester United is by far the world biggest club with a rich history spanning from the Busby Babes to the class of 99 and the treble winning team of 2008. I can go on and on about this club's rich history. This club means a lot to a lot of people but unfortunately, the people who run don't give care on iota about it. The club is their own personal cash cow and they are determined to drain everything out of it. Since 2012 more than 1 billion has been drained from the club

  • £496m in debt
  • £768m paid in interest
  • £80m paid 
  • £75m paid

This has prevented the team from being able to invest in the squad and on the stadium. And when they have been forced to put money for transfers its has been one disaster signing after another. Manchester United is now the biggest laughingstock in the sports world. Enough is Enough. Is time for the Glazers and Ed Woodward to GO!!! 

We need new owners who care about the club and its fans. And the new owners can't be the Saudi's. We can't taint the history of this club with owners who do not care about human rights and about people. To be clear what this petition is asking for. We want the Glazers to sell the club but not to the Saudis or any state sponsors or any regime that does not respect human rights. This club should a force for positivity and joy and under no circumstance should it be owned by people who have blood on their hands. If you don't agree to this part do not sign!!!

ManUTD is more than a club. It's about memories and connections that we have been able to create with friends and fans around the world for the last century. Please sign and share this petition to send a message that we won't allow the Glazers to continue to destroy our club. #Glazersout

This petition is not asking for any donations and it's not linked to any gofundme page. All it's asking is to take a minute to sign and a couple of minutes a day to share it on your social media.