Get the council to clean local parks and make them safe again

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The public play areas in our community are becoming less and less monitored and looked after. They are littered with glass, have poorly looked after play equipment and have had more equipment removed without anything else to replace it, meaning that our children the have very little to enjoy. What is left for them is then destroyed, vandalised and left in a dangerous state by inconsiderate individuals who have no respect for the safety of our children the play areas are meant for. For example of this is glass is continually being smashed over the play are on Albion Street near strand academy. A young child has recently had to have her hand operated on following failing on broken glass in the play area. 

The council need to be thinking of the community. The children have very little to do in the area, the public play areas need to be monitored and checked for safety on a regular basis and a deterrent needs to be considered to discourage the reckless behaviour of those individuals ruining it. 



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