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Get rid of Lely High Head coach Maurice Belser

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Lely High School Football

The new head coach Maurice Belser threw our season away. He doesn't have the characteristics a head coach should possess. he's stubborn, Selfish, and kind of like a dictator. He took advantage of the powers he had and took the fun out of football this season . At the beginning of the season he wasn't who he is now . Everyone was having fun and that's why we were doing good. We started struggling when he turned into a dictator and started putting us down and the other coaches. Things were to only be done his way and if you didn't like it he got rid of you. He tried suspending our start QB Jacques Carter and a pivotal player Watson Marcelin (senior) before the biggest game of the season to determine playoffs against immokalee and it was senior night. We practiced once, Tuesday, before the biggest game of the season . He's a guy that didn't care about your feelings, your family's, or your opinions. He fired all the offensive staff at the end of the season, which we can say is very improved from last season . He got rid of Alan Carter (Jacqs dad) , Mike Cassio, and Simeon Talis. many players don't want to play under his name next season . Including Jacques Carter, Jean "Jerm" Joseph, Taejon Wright, Will Glasser, Rolph Tanis... and the list goes one. Basically all starters from this last season . Coach st Jean idolized what traits a coach should have . We want St Jean back. I Fear for lely footballs future under this coach. 


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