Get Stetson To Ban The Box

Get Stetson To Ban The Box

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Stetson University’s Ban the Box initiative has been created by a group of Bonner Students with the goal of pursuing and implementing the mission of the greater Ban The Box Movement. As colleges become more accessible to students with diverse backgrounds, this initiative works to remove barriers and eradicate discrimination based on having a criminal record. This applies to anyone with a prior offense and cannot receive or even be considered an education due to their past offense with the law. You can help create a change that so many universities are taking action on, and we believe that Stetson University should not be sitting on the sidelines regarding this matter. Just in case you're not familiar with Ban the Box, here is a synopsis: 

What is Ban The Box?

The Ban the Box campaign was started by All of Us or None, a national civil rights movement of formerly-incarcerated people and our families. The campaign challenges the stereotypes of people with conviction histories by asking employers to choose their best candidates based on job skills and qualifications, not past convictions. Since 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. has a conviction history, the impact of this discrimination is widespread and affects other aspects of life in addition to employment opportunity.

Why is it important?

Ban the Box aims to increase fair hiring and acceptance within society. This is done by having employers and/or universities eliminate invasive and discriminatory questions surrounding one’s criminal history. For formerly incarcerated individuals, education can be the key to finding successful employment, but many are deterred from even applying because of these questions. By removing criminal history questions from applications, colleges and universities can contribute to long-term, positive economic uplifting of these individuals — and help keep them from returning to prison— and help integrate formerly incarcerated people back into society.


 2,000,000 People currently incarcerated in US

75% Remain unemployed one year after release

95% Released back into community

50% Recidivism rate within 3 years of release

27% Unemployment rate for formerly incarcerated (5X national average)

41% Do not have high school diploma

28% Recidivism rate decrease for those with bachelor degree

65% Jobs in US economy require post secondary education

95% Who seek education stay out of prison 

60% College application attrition rate (3X national average)


"70 percent of four-year colleges require admissions applicants to report whether they have been convicted of criminal activity. The number is lower for public universities (55 percent) than for private colleges (81 percent), and lower still for two-year community colleges (40 percent). Still, the practice is pervasive in the American higher education industry. Prospective students would still have to disclose serious criminal offenses, such as murder, sexual assault or rape, stalking, or similar crimes. 60% of applicants who checked the box on their application (stating that they had a criminal record) DID NOT complete their application. This deterrent further locks out potential students from opportunities that keep people free, and help our friends and family members achieve their dreams (not just dead-end jobs)."

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Stetson Ban The Box:

Alexus Woods, Bonner Student '22

Isabella Aedo, Bonner Student '22

D'Angelo Brown, Bonner Student '22

Sidney Saxen, Bonner Student '22

Reed Barkowitz, Bonner Student '22

Jenna Hassebrock, Bonner Student '23

Madelyn Ward, Bonner Student '23

Evans Asuboah, Bonner Student '24

Abria Doe, Bonner Student '24

LillyAnna Zaleon, Bonner Student '25



21 have signed. Let’s get to 25!
At 25 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!