Get star off the internet

Get star off the internet

2 July 2022
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Why this petition matters

Some things star has done: 


Supported one of their fan when they were literally discriminating moqamura for being chinese. Calling moqa the c slur and a ' bat/dog eater ' (it was axie) 

Defended lentotally who's known for being a pedophile and a groomer + called the victim a brat and said the victim was trying to make "dramas"

↑↑ hypocrite again, she called out axie on YouTube for calling the victim a brat when she literally did the same thing and never apologized for it. 

let "oak" who called black people cotton pickers, called themselves "normal" for being white and straight, r n f c slur and literally let them change the channel name to "f slurs tryna make a point" and let them mispronoun/gender someone. No warning. No banning. No muting. Just white privilege /srs

Never take responsibility for what she says. She only talks about how the people that are calling her out are not any "better" (so she can brainwash her fans /half joke) 

Defended whitewashing and believes that blackwashing exists

Said "not everything is about race" when a black woman was kidnapped and tried to compare her situation by using her autistic brother saying "it's also about gender too" basically trying to make him look "more" oppressed because of his gender

Made fun of someone's oc's style

said she will Deadname cothen and only apologized when she was called out on public

Accused moqa of Being Japanese just because moqa looked more "Japanese" than Chinese? Also star believes that Chinese and asian is a different thing ..(star's sister also stereotyped moqa saying "asians are strictly and you're not strictly so you're not asian) or smth like this

Censored the word Chinese and asian for no reason.. (Weird) 

Racist bf, who harassed my friend who had taehyung (a Asian boy from bts) profile picture, and called them dog eater

Said so many slurs

said the c slur (the one that is against Chinese ppl) 

Said the t slur

Said the n word

Said the f slur

Called black people "cotton pickers"

Really bad mods.. 

Hypocrite, she "believes" that no one should say slurs, yet. she said the r slur and almost every slur in the world. 

Compared gay ppl to zoophiles, thinking it's okay for them zoos to be attracted toward animals just because homosexuality and zoophile are both sins

↑↑ Also she believes that it doesn't e/affect (sorry if I spell it wrong) anyone 

She said she's bisexual even though she said " some people thinks lesbian are disgusting (only straight females will understand) but you don't see US going around hating on them for it" when she was talking about zoophiles n lesbians 


- report their socials!! 


lemme list all of stars socials i founf one sec

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Signatures: 7Next Goal: 10
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