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Convince Ripple to finally lockup 55 billion XRP's as announced months ago.

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Signing this petition will hopefully finally get Ripple to finally lockup 55 billion XRP's which in turn will spur a significant increase in XRP price due to less XRP in circulation making XRP more rare. The announcement of Xrp lockup originally made xrp price shoot up to .42 cents but I think the fact that this lockup has taken so long and has not happened has made xrp investors sell and invest in other cryptos.

It is time that Ripple finally follows thru with it's lockup announcement. It's not enough to just say you plan to lock up 55 Billion XRP. At some point, Ripple needs to actually do it.  

What's taking them so long?

Ripple needs to reward all it's fans who have invested in XRP which keeps "the lights on" at Ripple Labs.

It's time Ripple Labs looked out for the interest of the "little guy" who invested in their cryptocurrency. Ripple needs to show it's XRP investors that Ripple wants the value of XRP to increase in the long run or sooner.

That it cares for it's XRP investors money that's invested in their XRP coin.

In a world where Bitcoin is $4000+ and Ethereum is $400+, Ripple needs to be at least $1-$2 or even $5.

XRP investors already speculate that Ripple manipulates XRP price to keep it down to look more appealing to banks and does not care about it's tiny investors who have raised Xrp to #2 and #3 on the crypto charts.

If you are an XRP investor and reading this, let your voice be heard! And sign this petition! 

Many of us bought at the all time high price of 42 cents per XRP thinking it would go up. But instead it went down and every news since then has made Xrp price go up and down like a roller coaster.

Locking up 55 billion XRP would have stopped this. But since it wasn't, all the negativity from Bitcoin and Ethereum purists have just be eating at the faith of XRP investors. 

All Ripple XRP investors? If you are tired of waiting for XRP lock up sign this petition now. Your XRP investments are dying for it to finally happen.

Do you want XRP to go past $1? Only having less XRP available can make this happen. Not new suites or products or conferences. Only a 55 Billion XRP lockup can do this and if it doesn't? Then for sure all Xrp investors have invested in the wrong cryptocurrency . So even if you are a bitcoin or Ethereum purists. It would be in your best interest to sign this too. To perhaps speed up the demise of XRP.

This lockup will either be there beginning or the end of XRP. So I can see both XRP AND BITCOIN AND ETHEREUM investors wanting to sign this petition.

Sign this petition today and let's get Ripple to finally lockup the 55 billion XRP it promised to do months ago.

What if Ripple ignores this petition? Well what if all XRP investors dumped XRP?

These are both possibilities. It's up to Ripple to choose which one becomes reality.













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