Get Rid of the Loitering. MSIR North Richmond.

Get Rid of the Loitering. MSIR North Richmond.

1 October 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Elle Vee

Lauren O'Dwyer, the Labour delegate for Richmond, has fully endorsed the gathering of drug users and dealers outside the North Richmond Community Health Centre and the Medically Supervised Injecting Room.

These 2 buildings are co-located in the middle of a high density residential area and the MSIR is located as a next door neighbour to the Richmond West Primary School.

The CEO and board director of NRCHC think it's great as a gathering place as well. NRCHC is the licence holder of the MSIR and responsible for its operations.

There are many incidents of elderly and others trying to visit their doctor being accosted.
Multiple incidents of violence, many with weapons.
Women being assaulted.
Consistent foul language. 
Public injecting on a multi- daily basis, many users making no attempt to hide what they're doing. Many have absolutely no intention of ever using the room but come for the cheap drugs sold by the lurking dealers and are handed out whatever injectiing equipment they want from the room.
Public urination and defecating.

A morass of squalor with rubbish strewn everywhere.

Are we going to stand by and watch our children being subjected to the laissez- faire attitude of those who are meant to govern us? And by us I mean every member of the community. Not just the drug user community.

Are we going to stand by and watch our vulnerable children think using drugs is normal and exacerbate the already ingrained emotional issues they are sure to have. They have no choice but to watch this dreadful antisocial behaviour as they pass closely to and from school.

Please help our community on this most pressing time of need.

The MSIR has to be relocated away from our vulnerable children and residents.

And located in an appropriate area near a hospital with all appropriate services nearby.


Protect our children and residents and actually assist drug users. At the moment it appears to be an enabling facility.

Despite requests the MSIR has never published statistics on those that are actually having rehab or any sort of treatment. So what else are we to think?

Please sign this petition because this situation will only get worse.

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Signatures: 18Next goal: 25
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