Switch Mr Robinson with a teacher who can actually teach us

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Ever since we have had Mr Robinson we never learn anything. Our report cards have been ruined because of this. He gives us test on stuff he never taught us. Not only is he not teaching us he is ruining our learning in other classes as well, by sending students to the office for no reason he is robbing them from the classes we actually learn stuff in. He is ruining our learning skills for no reason. He is ruining our futures, since we haven't learned anything in grade 8 science and math we will fail high school which means we will probably not get a good job in the future. The only work we do in his class is stuff from textbooks and he doesn't understand any of the concepts in the workbook/textbook he only uses the answer sheet. He also sleeps in class. And he also listens to music out loud in the class and it's very annoying rock music and it's hard to concentrate with that annoying music on.