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Repeal the Lauterberg amendment

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The lauterberg amendment was signed in 1996 to disarm anyone with a misdemeanor domestic assault charge. It is clearly unconstitutional and has cost jobs for our military and police for minor assault or unlawful contact with a domestic partner. it has left women it was designed to protect without any defense. It has left family's defenseless. The 2nd amendment gives you a right to defend yourself. The amendment has over stepped the Constitution of the united states allowing gun confiscation for misdemeanor crimes indefinitely for the remainder of life while felon can get gun rights back with a repeal process. If we cannot remove this amendment it should be amended to not include misdemeanor assaults and have a repeal process. I lost my right to bear arms but I still have the right to vote. I'm voting for the guy who is against the lauterberg amendment! It should be reworded to effect only felony domestic charges and restraining orders. Unlawful contact and misdemeanors should be taken out! I'm against domestic violence but I'm also against being disarmed

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