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Get our phones back!! @Fallibroome Academy

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We as students at Fallibroome are upset at the new changes to the phone policy! Breaks and Lunches are supposed to be our free time but they are not if we are tied down by these rules. We should have FREE WILL!! I agree, there are some people who are addicted to their phones but we should not just ban them altogether. This will not work! We should work with them to educate them about the harmful dangers of being addicted to phones. Due to the rebellious nature to adolescents banning them would just make them want to use the phones more. Just to prove a point. As to the Cyberbullying issue. It will not stop it! We need to work with people to teach bullies to realise what they are doing and to stop it! People who are using nasty posts to bully aren’t going to stop just because they cant use them at lunch, it just stops the awareness of it. As for using them in lessons, people don't usually use them without permission. I, personally have only seen a few instances of this in my time at the school. Technology is the way forward and trying to go back in time just will not work. I can understand where the school is coming from and I can empathise but banning them is the wrong way to go. If there were too many bank robberies would you just close all of the banks? No! It just wouldn't work and that is why I encourage you to sign down below! Please help our students overcome this issue without destroying anything that seems like a cause. Thank you

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