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My son of 2 years and 7 months has been wrongfully being put in to Placement for Adoption by Kent Social Services under false and non evidenced statements by social workers and two witnesses that are being investigated by the professional investigating police department IPCC for lieing and manipulating the truth and allowing statements to be written and altered by social workers. After December 2017 I will never see him again and they are making sure he is adopted abroad or out of Kent / London. I have two more 1 hour visits a month and all contact then diminishes.
My son is now wrongfully taking from my care and desperate as I am him to be returned.
I have now left the domestic partner and father to my child near to a year ago which was the initial reason as to why social services became involved in my life and my then pre birth son. Since then it has been never ending , unprofessional , threatening and untruthful social workers. I need my son back! Before even born day after my fathers funeral unborn was put o neglect !? With out being neglected during pregnancy or after, my mid wife was astonished , I didn’t smoke or do anything harmful to unborn whilst carrying him I had a very healthy pregnancy a lovely two bed terrace brought outright house by the sea a nursery full of love , thoughtful decoration and everything a new born to older baby/ child would ever need, I was astonished myself and still wonder why , how was social able to put my non neglected unborn and then born child on neglect with no neglect having taken place or was to ever take place. I adored and adore my son , with out my son my life is incomplete.
◦ There has been endless amounts of mistakes , took further 6 weeks over the 26 avalible due to the Social Workers not reaching the time limit and Timetables of requirements correctly two loads of amendments and further corrections, a guardian who put forward a statement of what’s best for my son with out even meeting me or him or us together how is that possible? That was presented ? That’s not right a guardians meant to be separate from social services , yet she used them to do her statement of me and my son with out even seeing us!!.
No consent of my self nor father was given for this option of adoption/placement order which is mentioned in court care order it must have consent of both parents and welfare of child requires consent. There has been one thing in Kent county’s mind since the very beginning and that was to take my joy my love and my life away from me (my son). The saying nothing else will do comes in from the law book and children’s and adoption act and adoption is for servere no other option. There was so many other options it did not need to be adoption! The only considered option and put across option was adoption when in actual fact it should of been staying at his home in his loved family, with support given by social services in which support I have never received , this is total misconduct of justice and what is right and what is in my sons best interests.
My son had a happy , lovely life , came to no harm or his health , he had a lovely home , family set up and nursery and loving family and everything any child would need/want and more. He loved me his mother dearly, since being out of my care and  being in social services care he has been ill,injured and confused. He wants to return to his home and his family where he is loved and cherished and most of all happy and reaching his full potential. He has suffered from diarrhoea since 25th of July 2017 when he was taken from my care to this date. He also has lost a considerable amount of weight, his good behaviours are deteriorating, he is becoming confused calling others mum or dad , he becomes very distraught and aggressive. He no longer has five lovely days at nursery and toys of his own and a very fortunate upbringing like he had when in my care. He also now has underlining health issues and worry’s that he never had when in my care. He misses his mum dearly as I do him , I have gone threw the stage of feeling suicidal , though every day I cry , feel sick and lost with out him now though trying to stay positive , please help me !,but I will not break and I will not be defeated and for anyone else on the basis of coming out on the wrong side of the justice system and Kent county social services I stand as a woman speaking out for others who have been mistreated , framed and giving a life of hell and have had their precious children wrongfully taken away. He wasn’t  ever abused never harmed never exposed to drugs , alcohol , violence during pregnancy or after. I am aware that with out my case included Kent Social Services have  not followed the correct procedures or obeyed the children’s act 1989/2002/2004  20 times which had even been mentioned in the House of Lords, in which my grandad served 30+ years as a Lord. This can’t continue Social Services are abusing their authority to much and I will not stand for my son to be a part of it. Please find it with in yourself to sign and share this petition. I have already got the MP of Thanet Involved and Lords I can not Mention Name of. Please look in comments also. Or by all means please add your own.
Please help my son return. Thank you for your time.

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