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President Vladimir Putin must build a monument for Princess Efanda

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Over a thousand years ago, a Norwegian Viking princess named Efanda founded the Rurikid dynasty in Russia with her husband Prince Rurik. The Rurikid dynasty was named after Prince Rurik and lasted in Russia for more than seven hundred years.

Prince Rurik has been solely credited with the founding of the Russian nation, he is written about in countless history books and is featured in many documentaries. A large monument was erected to honor Rurik in Novgorod, Russia. Princess Efanda has not gotten any recognition, history has neglected and ignored her.

Judith Martin is an author of children's books who has just released a picture book entitled "Saga of a Princess" to honor Princess Efanda. Ms. Martin believes that Efanda is an equal founder of the Russian state and wants Russian President Vladimir Putin to build a monument in Novgorod, Russia to honor the princess.

"Princess Efanda has been waiting for more than a thousand years to be acknowledged. I won't stop advocating until a monument is erected in her memory. I want her to be treated as an equal to her male counterpart," said Judith.

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