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Finalize, by decree, the oldest case in Utah Federal Court!

Sophia Stewart, the legal owner and writer responsible for two Hollywood blockbuster movies, The Matrix and The Terminator, had these stories stolen from her in the 80's. The FBI, has verified her copyrights and trademarks and corroborated her story. Two judges in the Utah Federal Court have filed a default judgement against Mr. Lubell, one of her attorney's whom was disbarred in 1993 but still represented her! He, along with 3 other attorneys, under his contact, represented Ms. Stewart in 2004 - 2006. Even though the lead attorney was not licensed, and had entered fraud into the courts, and has been defaulted, the court continues to drag it's feet on an official decree. Having been filed years ago, her case, according to one federal judge, is "the oldest in the utah federal court system!" Everyone has been served in the federal court but Sophia! Please sign this petition to get the Utah Federal Court to sign the decree, and finalize this criminal copyright infringement case! Pass this petition along to everyone you know, and let's get some JUSTICE for SOPHIA STEWART, Mother of the Matrix!


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  • Get Justice for Sophia Stewart, Mother of the Matrix!

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