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GET HOLLYWOOD ON BOARD to Fight Hugo Boss's Greed

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Whether we like it or not, celebrities wield tremendous power and influence. The fashions they don on the Red Carpet can spark as much conversation and interest as the award nominations themselves--and even determine retails trends for months following the show.

One of the retailers that caters to some of Hollywood's biggest stars—Hugo Boss—says they need to shut down their only U.S. suit factory and fire close to 400 workers. After making more than $140 million in profits in the last nine months of 2009, the apparel company is putting short-term profits first on their list of priorities, even though it will damage the American manufacturing base.

That's why actor Danny Glover is asking stars not to wear Hugo Boss on the red carpet at Sunday's Academy Awards

You would think that if you're selling high-end fashion like Hugo Boss does, you could afford to pay decent wages to the people who make them. And you'd be right.

Boss doesn't claim the Cleveland, Ohio factory it's closing is losing money. They're simply looking to offshore American workers' jobs to make suits more cheaply in Turkey or Eastern Europe, so they can pocket an even greater share of the profits. A Hugo Boss spokesperson said that the company had worked with local government to try and save the location, but without success. Please. We're not buying their excuses—or their clothing.

Hugo Boss says it wants to expand sales in the U.S., but the high-price brand will heavily depend on its Hollywood cache in order to do that. And right now, Hugo Boss is probably working hard to promote iconic celebrities to wear their clothing line at the March 7th Oscars. We need you to ask that each Hollywood star in attendance publicly refuse to wear Hugo Boss clothing, so long as the company continues to put its own greed over the interests of American workers.

Tell Hollywood glitterati to say NO to wearing Hugo Boss by signing our petition
We'll make sure it gets into the hands of stars walking the red carpet.

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