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Get "Henry the Horse" all ( 8 )of his accounts taken off FB!: Hacked into my account, is impersonating me, and making vulgar threats!


He's a real danger to FB, and anyone that doesn't agree with his "Wolf Butchering, Cooking Recipes" site...which is a front for a vile, graphic site, torturing wolves! Beware this is a sick cult and these people are insane! "Henry the Horse, along with his sick friends have a Nazi mentality, and are nothing but a bunch of troublemakers threatening to report anyone to FB that stands up to their disgusting Killer Site! They claim that Animal Activists" are mentally retarded and need medication to get rid of their brainwashing! Need I say more? I'm asking anyone and everyone to sign this petition and get this scum & his disgusting site of FB ASAP!!! Thank You for your help!!! We don't need more creeps promoting violence, and glamorizing fur that was skinned of trapped wolves!

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  • Get "Henry the Horse" all ( 8 )of his accounts taken off FB!

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