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Get G4S out of the University of Birmingham

The University of Birmingham is currently in contract with private security company G4S (Group4Securicor), which includes a contract to provide Metering Services on campus, due to expire in July 2014.

With its international profile marked by incompetence and scandal, and its public image beyond rehabilitation following a series of notably public incidents, G4S is not a company the University should be engaging with on either an ethical or a practical basis, and we urge it to exclude G4S from all future contract tendering processes - with immediacy, as a matter of principle.


G4S’ ongoing activity in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPTs) finds them actively complicit in the illegal Israeli occupation there, and in maintaining the oppression of the Palestinian people living under it.

In supplying provisions for prisons and military checkpoints in the OPTs, G4S are assisting the Israeli state and military to continue violating the Fourth Geneva Convention by forcibly transferring Palestinian political prisoners from the OPTs to occupying Israel.

They are also permitting the Israeli military to continue their campaigns of torture against Palestinian prisoners, violent abuse of child prisoners, and the maintenance of their illegal separation Wall.


In the UK, G4S Detention and Custody Officers (DCOs) have been implicated in a number of deaths-in-custody, including the unlawful killing of Angolan deportee Jimmy Mubenga in 2010, whose coroner detailed evidence of ‘pervasive’ ‘widespread, casual’ and ‘endemic’ racism among G4S DCOs.

Gravely concerning reports of misconduct by G4S officers at refugee and immigrant detention centres have emerged also, with behaviour ranging from the use of ‘substantial force’ against pregnant women to detaining children in need of medical care.

Serious organisational failings are a recurring pattern across G4S operations worldwide, with South African authorities taking over management of a G4S-run prison after the company ‘lost effective control’ of the facility.


The presence, in any capacity, of a company as devoid of morals and merit as G4S on our campus is of deep concern to us.

The University has a robust and clearly defined Codes of Ethics and Ethical Procurement Policy to ensure our campus is a place where ethical values are practiced and prioritised.

We ask now that reality reflects rhetoric, and that the University of Birmingham maintain a principled position in defence of basic human rights, against corporate complicity, and reject collaboration with G4S until they drastically improve their own ethical record.

Thank you.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Policy & Environmental Services Manager, University of Birmingham
    Peter Larkin
  • Director Hospitality and Accommodation, University of Birmingham
    Stuart Richards
  • Procurement Manager, Univerity of Birmingham (HAS)
    Jane Colbourne
  • Director of Estates, University of Birmingham
    Ian Barker

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