Petition Closed

Fans of Dead Rising, the character of Frank West was orginally supposed to be featured in the long anticipated game Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Hopefully they could put the Character in the game as downloadable Content, and put Frank West in for when the character is finished with a full moveset, costumes, etc. Maybe they could include Chuck Greene as well into the DLC.

Letter to
Ryota Niitsuma
I write to you hoping you would consider putting the character Frank West in your anticipated Game Marvel vs. Capcom 3. I have read in other articles that have cut the character from the game and I am hoping that the character could appear in the game. Such as down loadable content, so he could be featured. Where Frank West could be put up if you can complete him with a full moveset and other requirements. Maybe feature him in a Character pack, including other Capcom Characters . Thank you for taking your time to hear this request.