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Get FELONY PROVISIONS in the animal cruelty laws in Idaho, North Dakota and South Dakota

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“Dog found tossed in the dumpster”, “burns across the top of his back”, “dog found starved to death with his head laying in an empty food bowl”, “dog shot 32 times”, “man caught dragging the dog, hurling it into the elevator walls”, “cut on its underside exposing its internal organs”; the list goes on and on. These are the headlines/stories of animal abuse that we hear about day in and day out. And with our current state laws, the punishment to the abuser does NOT match the crime.

All U.S. states have animal cruelty laws, however Idaho, North Dakota and South Dakota do NOT have felony provisions in place. I am asking that this be changed.

Animal cruelty problems are people problems. When animals are abused, people are at risk. Even if people and legislators are not so much interested in protecting the animals, there have been scientific studies that prove the link between animal abuse, spousal and child abuse, various violent crimes, murder and serial killings.

The HSUS estimates that nearly 1 million animals a year are abused or killed in connection with domestic violence.  Just think how high the number is for ALL animals abused in a year. When did this become acceptable? As long as the abusers aren’t punished properly, this number will not go down.

This warrants that we identify, punish and correct the behavior of animal abusers whenever and wherever we can, by the strongest and most effective means possible. It is certainly not a stretch to realize that persons who take pleasure in inflicting pain on living beings, are not likely to show much compassion to their fellow humans.

The effective prosecution of animal abuse has many benefits in addition to keeping animals from being abused, tortured and killed. It can provide an early and timely response to those who are becoming a threat to the safety of others. It can provide an added tool for the protection of those who are victims of family violence and it can help build a truly compassionate society. Let’s start today by signing the petition below and assuring that ALL states have felony statutes in place for cruelty to animals.

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