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Get Fawaz Mahdi out of jail.

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   Fawaz Mahdi is severely mentally ill, and mentally ill people don't deserve to be in jail, they deserve to be in a mental institute. He should get the help he needs. 

 Our dissident has been imprisoned in Guantanamo Bay. They imprisoned him for training with Iraq; they saw him as a threat since we were in war with Iraq.He was held in Guantanamo Bay for four years without charge, and released in 2007. He was held in Cuba, but the part the the US owned. Right now, he is being held in an extrajudicial detention center. The US has a problem with this because they don’t people trying to kill them, or take them down. Which, is understandable, but he is severely mentally ill. So, he shouldn’t be blamed for fighting against us.  

    The evidence against our dissident is very good and accurate. Every website we’ve been to has said the same thing. He is mentally ill, and that is not a valid reason for putting someone in jail.
    We do believe that our dissident is innocent. He was mentally ill, and did not know what he was doing. He sat in prison for four years without charge and ended up in a extrajudicial center. He should’ve just been released and sent to a mental institute. Our dissident is someone who deserves to be released  because he needs to get out and get the help he needs. Maybe, one day, if he got the right help and medicine, he could go back to living a normal life. And, everyone deserves a second chance.


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