Get Epic Games & Fortnite to activate South African Servers

Get Epic Games & Fortnite to activate South African Servers

188 have signed. Let’s get to 200!

Why this petition matters

Started by Nolan Chetty

Fellow SA Fortnite Players,

With the current changes of Epic Games & Fortnite terminating Middle East servers, this brings an opportunity for South Africa to obtain local servers.

Amazon have recently confirmed their data centre's in SA and are willing to provide hosting of Fortnite servers for SA, however, Epic Games needs to give them the go ahead.

I urge all SA and African Fortnite gamers / streamers and general supporters of this wonderful game, to sign this petition, in order to get your voices heard. Remember, if we get to 25 000 signatures, this will become a hot topic!

I myself am an Epic Partner and avid player of Fortnite, which has become my biggest game that I stream on twitch. This will open up opportunities for us as well as other streamers and gamers to host much larger Customs Games and potentially tournaments with relatively lower pings than what we currently get.

With the rise of African and South Africa eSports, together with a numerous amount of professional players from SA, this would be a great opportunity for SA to get onto the eSports map globally and compete at the levels that NA East and European players do. Lets put SA and African countries on the map!

We have the potential, now we need your help! The power is in your hands to make this a reality! Go on and sign the petition if you agree with me and let us take SA to greater levels!

188 have signed. Let’s get to 200!