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Get CTYI to apologise to student

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Allegations of harassment and sexual assault on a number of young girls by a certain individual were made to the ARCs and Heads of CTYI last week, nothing was done to the person accused, and whilst this is upsetting it's understandable that it's hard to prove etc. 

The reason we want them to apologise is for the treatment of one of the students at CTYI, she was told that it was her fault that other girls were being subjected to the abuse for not having reported earlier despite how difficult that would have been for a 15 year old girl to do, they made it her responsibility to find out more information despite that being their job and that being traumatic for a past victim she had a panic attack an ARC and an RA held her down, she got in more trouble for cursing during said panic attack, she was called into the ARC office, and yelled at because apparently She "doesn't know what's happening behind the scenes" She was told that her "report doesn't matter anyways and it's hard to prove", she understandably got angry and was I was coerced into leaving by being told she needed to retract her statements 

all we want is an apology for this abhorrent behaviour, CTYI is supposed to be a safe space where gifted children who are often bullied and depressed or anxious go to feel safe, to us past and current pupils it's incredibly scary to see this behaviour from the people in power 

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