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Get BFBC carry out a public consultation on the new waste collection changes

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To make it clear, we are not against the food waste bins, but we are VERY much against the 3 weeks collection.

This is to make Bracknell Forest Council to arrange a public consultation about the changes that were approved on Tuesday 28 January 2020 without any involvement of the residents. BEFORE any changes are actually made.
This goes against the recommendations of the DEFRA report that is currently being considered by the government.  Their recommendations are for a weekly food and fortnightly waste as the absolute minimum service that councils should provide.

Also for them to provide the information on the recent waste surveys have shown that:

  • Food waste accounts for 42% of waste in green bins
  • Around 19% of waste that goes in residents’ green bins could be recycled, either in the blue bin or via one of our many recycling banks

Who done this survey? How many residents were surveyed? Where can we see the full results of the survey?

This is yet another example of Bracknell council doing what they want rather than speaking to the residents.

What was agreed without consultation -

  • Introducing a weekly food waste collection service to all houses in Bracknell Forest from Monday 5 October 2020
  • Encouraging all residents to reduce, reuse and recycle everything possible to cut the amount of waste going to landfill
  • Maximising performance of the food waste collection service by changing refuse collection frequency to once every 3 weeks

They want us to do more to stop stuff going to land fill, yet they do not allow us to recycle glass rand many more items in our recycling bins!!


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