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Every year millions of kangaroos are killed to produce meat and leather. They are shot in the outback, leaving hundreds of thousands of orphaned joeys to die on their own or be brutally slaughtered by the hunters. Adidas, the giant shoe company, is a major driver of the kangaroo industry and promotes soccer shoes made of kangaroo leather as some of its top-of-the-line products.

Adidas makes great soccer shoes from alternative materials. In fact, their own spokesperson, soccer star David Beckham, only wears synthetic materials. Yet, the company has so far refused to stop sponsoring the widespread killing of kangaroos.

The kangaroo slaughter has been called the largest wild animal massacre on the planet and Adidas could, as a market leader, do a tremendous amount to end this brutal practice.

Send Adidas a letter and tell them to stop selling kangaroo shoes!


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Letter to
Managing Director Robin Berry
Adidas Sustainability Department
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Chief Corporate Communications Officer Jan Runau
I am writing today to ask that Adidas immediately stop selling kangaroo leather.

Kangaroo populations are dwindling and the killing of kangaroos, including more than 1 million baby kangaroos, is widely considered the largest wild animal sacrifice on the planet.

Your company already makes great shoes that don’t require killing kangaroos and you could, as a market leader, could do a huge amount to stop the brutal slaughter of Australia’s kangaroos.

Please, stop the brutality now.

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