Get a Lush store in Sudbury, Ontario!

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Sudbury is the biggest city in Northern Ontario with a growing population of over 160,000 people. We have 2 colleges, 1 university, 1 medical school, and 1 architecture school. Not only do we have an ever growing population of 160,000, but we also bring in shoppers from surrounding towns who don’t have the options that Sudbury provides for them. Working in retail, I quickly discovered how many individuals shopping are from other places such as Manitoulin Island or Noelville. Sudbury is considered the shopping capital of Northern Ontario. Unfortunately, Sudbury is 355km from the nearest Lush store in New Market, Ontario which is approximately 4 hours away. This is a long ways to go just for Lush!

Sudbury has been rumoured to be getting a Lush for years now, but unfortunately after emailing them, I was told there are no plans for Sudbury to be getting a Lush store. My request for opening a store in Sudbury was passed along and I was told that when Lush wants to expand, the deciding factor of location comes directly from customer requests. So, here we are, when we get so many signatures we may just get a Lush.....