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Get 311 DAY Mar 10 & 11 2018 to Mexico!!! EXCITABLES SIGN THIS NOW!!!

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Hola Familia, while 311 DAY in NOLA has been truly wonderful and the city has so much beauty, resilience, and unique culture to offer, myself along with tons of other excitables I've spoken with have said 311 needs to switch and change up the pitch, and we need to have a magical place just for us, all to ourselves...

With unsurpassed Unity and constant togetherness may I present,       (drum-line-style-drum-roll---que Mexico Beach all inclusive resort, such as, but not limited to-one of the Now Sapphire Resort where the likes of Slightly Stoopid hosts Closer to The Sun Festival). No cabs, taco flavored kisses from strange persons, no having to say goodbye at the end of the night to newly met friends, tons and tons of nachos, probably the greatest after party to ever go down in 311 DAY history due to the ease of operation, passing out anywhere will mean probably not waking up in some one else's pee-pee--only swimming in yourself and others chlorinated poolpee proudly and knowingly, no trying to get the best deals on overbookeddowntownNOLA hotels and being stretched over a huge radius to reach the arena/downtown, plus best of all you probably won't get stabbed if you leave the French Quarter, tacos, etc.


 ***NOTE***  "Show Only GA Tickets" for the Beach Shows Mar 10 & 11 2018, should/would be offered (in my thinking/request) as the Beach at Saphire (or similar) is massive and could accommodate a very large GA beach audience than those who stayed/or didn't wish to stay at the resort, or couldn't afford to do so, lived in a van down by the Ocean, or if it sold out all rooms, etc...   please don't Freak Out even though we all know 311 has grassroots for our money, and compare the costs to Stoopids full line ups, as it would just be us fans, 311, and a couple DJ's for day time entertainment, hopefully Unity All Stars rocking some show after party (but we all know those guys will play for weed n beer), it should be astonishingly cheaper than the prices for CtTS for this amount of booked rooms minus so many billed working bands/roadies to support =0) sorry I couldn't tell you what that price would mean or if the band may know of a better beach/resort/area, but so, Mexico. Yeah.


Imagine escaping the bitter ass cold of March with all day chilling to a DJ spinning tunes and 311 remixes by the beach/pool and hanging with your brodels and slinkys and then descending upon a tiki lit beach as the sun begins to go down, your toes met with sand, then your toes further met with a tiny bit of pee from the greatest days of anticipatory excitement, your senses titillated and swept into a unique and fresh new 311 Day experience, cranked up past 11 with a massive Sound Stage where 311 gots the Boomin', all the rare, extended and one offs, for these very special days till the late late wild nights... Just us and 311. Venture forth & write a new chapter in this epic 311 history that is them, you, and I...Us-we's.

Sign this petition and tell the band and mgmt what we want! 

SA, P-NUT, NICK, miT, CHAD, SCOTCH!!! We need this!!! The band is making amazing left turns lately with these last albums, and I think this kind of a new experience will only further those left turns and experiences.

Help reach the goal of 3,111 signatures, which will then be given to the band & mgmt to make our wildest dreams come true!



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