Extended Day for MLES Montessori 3 Year-olds

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Please join me in expressing to Charleston County School District the vital need for an after school program for Murray-Lasaine Elementary’s Montessori program for three year olds.


 Murray-Lasaine Elementary School has a rich history of diversity on James Island.  We are the parents of prospective students who have been accepted to begin the program for three year olds in August of 2018.  While we are excited to begin this educational journey with our children, many of us are unsure of how we can accomplish this and still work outside the home due to the lack of childcare after the program ends at 11:30am.  Historically, Kaleidoscope has provided care for children aged 3 and above in need of extended care at MLES.  We have been advised that this will not be an option in 2018-19 due to the limited space within the school.  Seeking private childcare through other daycares on James Island has also proved to be unsuccessful as no facility offers such services.  Consequently, unless we are stay-at-home moms and dads, our children will not be able to attend Murray-Lasaine in the fall.  We do not want our children to miss out on this opportunity because they come from homes with working parents.

We, the undersigned respectfully request that CCSD reconsiders this decision to eliminate Kaleidoscope for three year olds. We are hopeful that CCSD can find a space at MLES to provide extended care for the three years olds in the program whether it is utilizing the cafeteria space or placing a portable building on the school campus. We want to ensure that diversity remains a priority for CCSD and the Montessori Program at MLES.


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