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Geronimo Inns
Geronimo Inns

Jun 29, 2013 — I am the MD of Geronimo Inns. Please be assured we are developing the pub and the music room. We are NOT, AND HAVE NEVER EVEN THOUGHT OF closing the music venue. We are looking at creating a new music room in the Bulls Head, but of the same size as the current one and with the bets acoustics, as well as a new bar, new loos etc.

The current layout of the pub meant that a kitchen could only be located next to the current music room, and we want the musicians, the music lovers and the locals to be able to have a bite with their pint.

We also do not run Gastro Pubs. We runs local pubs with good food. We are in fact putting a public bar back into the Bulls Head, that is not what supposed Gastro pubs look like.

We met with over 100 musicians, locals, and local journalists to discuss our plans. I guaranteed to them, and will guarantee again; we are fully committed to live music seven days a week at the Bulls Head.
We also run the Half Moon where we entertained 35,000 music fans last year. In addition we created the live music Venue at the Elgin on Ladbroke Grove. We love music.

We will create a great pub, that is built on good times and live music.
Thank you for listening.