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Geronimo Inns
Geronimo Inns

Jun 27, 2013 — Dear Jo

Thank you for copying us in on your petition.

I am teh MD of Geronimo Inns. and I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you as there are some factual errors in your petition. In fact I held a session with neighbours, musicians and over 100 interested individuals to discuss our plans and to answer queries such as the ones you have raised. Were you able to be there?

To clarify;

We are indeed seeking planning permission to open up the current Thai restaurant to re-locate the music room, but only as a room that will be as good if not better than the current room. We do not require a licensing change for this as the whole building is licensed.
We have never tried to close the Half Moon, in fact we had 35,000 through the doors to listen to live bands last year, and we continue to grow the music appeal. As a new(ish) part of the Young’s group, we have taken over the Half Moon and invested in the pub as a music venue. Part of the appeal to Young’s when they bought us was our experience at the Elgin in Notting Hill, where we created a music venue.
We are investing a huge amount in the Bulls Head to retain it as a live music venue, seven nights a week, as well as to provide a wonderful pub for music followers and the locals on Barnes.

Please do feel free to come back with any further queries, or do forward your phone number so that we can talk through your petition.

Kind regards