Halt Springfield Solar Farm in Lomira and Brownsville, Wisconsin

Halt Springfield Solar Farm in Lomira and Brownsville, Wisconsin

August 17, 2020
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Started by PASS - People Against Springfield Solar

Geronimo Energy, a National Grid Company, threatens our small-town village life in rural Wisconsin with a massive solar farm project: Springfield Solar Farm. 

The Villages of Lomira and Brownsville and the Town of Lomira are located in southeastern Wisconsin with a modest combined population of 3,000 hardworking residents. Through their time and material, these residents have striven to watch their communities thrive and grow.

Our communities are now facing an unexpected challenge to our traditional way of life in the form of an out-of-state company whose parent corporation is headquartered in the United Kingdom. Rather than plant their solar farm project in their backyard or in an area of limited use or obstacles, Geronimo Energy has chosen a site that will land-lock a large portion of our communities and degrade our property values and cripple our future plans for development. 

The Village of Lomira has only just begun construction of a new wastewater treatment facility at great expense to its residents. Part of the reason for this new facility was not only to replace the aging and out-of-date plant, but to also allow for future growth. A section of the land destined to be covered by solar panels already has water and sewer mains in preparation for new possibilities. 

The Springfield Solar Farm is initially evaluating a vast 884 acres of Wisconsin farmland. The bulk of this land sits due North of Lomira and East of Brownsville. The possibilities and value (and profit) of solar energy cannot be understated, but this location seems disingenuous when there are ample sites across Wisconsin and the United States (as well as the UK) where these panels could find sunlight without creating an eye sore and loss of fertile farmland where the CEO of Geronimo would still not need to look upon. 

Geronimo has pointed out the enormous benefits to this project, but we must be diligent in analyzing their diagrams and reading between the lines. After the initial investment in contractors (yet to be named) and the panels are in place, only three full-time employees will be hired for the 25 year lifespan of the Springfield Solar Farm. Geronimo has also advertised an incentive for our local school district in the amount of $400,000. This will be in the form of annual $20,000 donations over 20 years. This $116 million project cannot even fund half of a single teacher's salary each year.

Please read through the documentation Geronimo Energy has provided as well as the letters they continue to send to the project's neighbors with bulleted lists of "benefits". Please urge Geronimo Energy to review the selected land and relocate the project to an area of less hindrance to our communities.  Please sign this petition. Please join our fight. 

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Signatures: 779Next Goal: 1,000
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