Get Germany and the ClaimsConference to pay reparations to children of Holocaust Survivors

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The second generation - children of survivors of the Holocaust have health issues- they are dying off many before reaching 65 years of age. We grew up into the turmoil, the sadness our parents walked around with - we have their nightmares, we continue their guilt feelings. Many have diabetes, no jobs, most no pensions. The Claims Conference in New York and Germany is willing to help those who were born before 1950 - with a condition! Their parents had to die after 2002!

Most of our parents passed in 1997-1998 or even before! 2002 would have made them close to 90 or 100 years old!

It’s a gimmick, so that we do not qualify!

Milions are coming from Germany - not to the survivors or their heir, to museums, trips, salaries!

Rabbi Dr. Bernhard Rosenberg