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Change the summer cup draws back to how they originally were


We don't want this cup tainted, if we go out to /m/ we went out to the best, like some other anon said, we are having every board turn against us.

We love /sp/ above all, and if we do manage to get our star on our shirt, we want to wear it with pride.

It's like everyone agreeing to play Dungeons & Dragons 3.5. Halfway through the game, one player kicks up a shitfit, BAWWWWing because "Wizards are quadratic and fighters are linear, this isn't fair!" and demanding the everyone swaps to Dungeons & Dragons 4 immediately, all the while smearing your fecal matter all over the other player's character sheets.

It's childish and embarrassing. Yes, 3.5 isn't as balanced as 4 but bring that up when we go to start the next game, when you know full well you already agreed to play this game with these rules.

So my fellow /sp/artans and members of other boards, please sign the petition.

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