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Acknowledge the Crimes against Humanity in DR Congo and prosecute them

Petition for the Recognition of Massacres committed in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo since 1994 as Crimes Against Humanity

to: - German Bundestag
- European Parliament
- EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton
- EU Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding
- UN Security Council
- AU African Union
- SADC Southern African Development Community

According to various sources of information, including the UN-Mapping Report of 2010, more than 8 million people have been killed in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo from 1994 to 2012 in many stages of conflict and the resulting 'collateral damage'. Although the causes of this macabre situation are well known, the relevant international institutions seem not to pay any attention. Everything remains at the stage of reports only.

Given the attention that has been paid to other Crimes Against Humanity in the 20th century, from those inflicted on the Armenians in 1915 to those in Rwanda in 1994, it is appalling that the international community still does not appear to care about the millions of victims in Eastern DRC.

On 29th June 2012, the Congolese newspaper "Le Potentiel" has tried to draw international attention to the terrible events that are still taking place in the East of the DRC and called it a "forgotten genocide". We believe that it is long overdue that these massacres are clearly designated and recognized as crimes against humanity.

We expect

1. Recognition of the loss of more than 8 million lives in the Eastern DRC as crimes against humanity;
2. further addressing the experts' reports, particularly the UN Mapping Report of 2010, and formulating recommendations applicable to all parties;
3. that those responsible for the conflict in the Eastern DRC be listed, put on trial and convicted as appropriate;
4. the creation of mechanisms to prevent a resurgence of the conflict;
5. compensation for the victims.

Action Central Africa Berlin
Berlin, 4 October 2012

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