Stopp the arbitral appropriation of children by the German departments for juvenal protect

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Stop the arbitral appropriation of children by the German departments for juvenal protection

Off with the § 1666 from the Book of Federal Law / the article of the lack of justice by parents and children

Stopp the expulsion of my family



In my petition from April 2018[1] as mother of a girl who was then 13 years old I informed you about what happened with the Department of Juvenal Protection in Mannheim owing to the arbitral appropriation of my daughter at 15.02.18 for a period of six months because a quotidian problematic, that is: to take away temporally her mobile phone.  This arbitral appropriation  had been declared contrary to right and annulated by decision of the High Court of Justice in Karlsruhe of 21.08.18 – Number of record: 16 UF 79/18, that at the end was neither respected nor accepted by the Department of Juvenal Protection in Mannheim. See the extended version for more details.

“The safeguard on the part from the German departments of  juvenal protection is growing constantly since many years. Nevertheless appropriation by imminence of risk situates itself at about 16%. See the extended version for more details.

Even children of teachers and professors had them been already arbitral appropriated. These people have studied education sciences or psychology, and consequently their capacity in teaching  and education has been proved through state examinations. But this is not enough, not  nearly enough, in the departments of juvenal protection and family courts in Germany so that  parents could keep their children with themselves.”[2]

Today I address myself again to you in order to present the past incidents which destroyed the family life up to now, and the secret reasons of that horrible action, and I beg you to put an end to its expulsion by the German Federal Republic, and in order to stop such  inhuman interventions on the life of the families, as are described in Monitors  video “To utilise families in order to get money”. 

1.The Department of Juvenal Protection and the Asylum boycotted  the relations between my daughter and myself during the six months of her violent accommodation despite my opposition. I can not express with words how I was feeling in that situation. See the extended version for more details.

2. During the illegal accommodation in the Asylum my daughter was demoralized, on the one hand because for the first time she consumed tobacco and alcohol –she was drunken for the first time in her life-, and on the other hand because she can do what she likes since nobody takes care of her, she can use without control the mobile, neglects school and misses it for the first time. See the extended  version for more details.

3. Because my daughter was violently separated from me and accommodated in the Asylum, she and I received in 23.02.18, that is 8 days after the accommodation, by the  Department of Juvenal Protection of Mannheim a request for accommodations expenses of daily 146,27 €, that is 53488,55 € yearly. I quote: “The girl and you must contribute to participate in the expenses with your incomes, according to §§91 ff. from the Book of Social Right (SGB).”

“On principle parents must pay for their children. If parents earn few, so that they cannot be obliged to pay, the “State” looks around for getting money: from the parents - but also from the grandparents. If the minor and/or the parents have claim to an inheritance it will be confiscated. “ [3]

4. The Family Court of Mannheim legitimated and legalized not only the illegal accommodation, but moreover did not doubt to prolong the proceeding in detriment of my daughter and me and in benefit of the Department of Juvenal Protection/Asylum, in order to justify so the remaining of my daughter in the Asylum.

Here is the explanation attempt of the president of the Office and Family Court of Mannheim in 25.05.18:

“the delays which happened during the proceeding, ... must be absolutely attributed to the substitutions by  sickness and  by participation in further formation courses which could not be compensated.”

After the oral hearing the court did not come out neither with the note nor the resolution, notwithstanding the repeated reproofs in the proceedings  and complaints, in order to delay the arrival at time of  the complaints to the next court of justice. When the observation and resolution finally arrived, the court did not send the complaints to the High Court, so that there were new delays.

With indignation and horror I could not  mind to recognize that during the oral hearing in the High Court of Karlsruhe, the responsible instance for the misuse case of  Freiburg, it was intended to intimidate me so that I should withdraw my complaints abandoning and sacrificing my daughter. But I did not accept to collaborate with the Department of Juvenal Protection, because this would mean the  ruin of my daughter. More details in the extended version.

“Through the changes in § 1666 in 2008[4] parents and children are in a defenceless situation. This law empowers the departments of juvenal protection so that they can take the children from the parents without any proofs and put them in homes or adoptive families.

5. The Department of Juvenal Protection and further participants did not stick to the binding resolution of the High Court, that is: to leave in peace my daughter and me.

Finally the Department of Juvenile Protection, as it has been proofed, commissioned one agent from asylum -where my daughter was during the six months of illegal accommodation

because the mobile was taken away from her- so that this agent would contact in the spring of 2019 secretly with my daughter abroad, concretely in Russia, and used the influence on my daughter to instigate and incite her against me, her mother, and confound her. The agent staged an unreal situation of danger, so that the minor, a citizen of the Russian Federation, went to the German Embassy. The agent of the Asylum, who worked in commission of the Department of Juvenile Protection, as  has been proved, assured to my daughter that they where  preparing for her a provisional identity card of the German Federal  Republic. More details in the extended version. 

6. In the following days I will submit to the Court in Mannheim an indemnity complaint on account of infraction of the human dignity, damages and indemnity for the sufferings that my daughter and I had to support, with enormous and cruel consequences in the past, present and  the future. I will write about the behaviour of the Court of Mannheim and the persons implicated in the cruel injustice exercised on my family in relation with the complaint.



[1]Hilfe! Das Jugendamt Mannheim hat mir meine Tochter weggenommen.

[2]M.-J. Leonard, Eine Streitschrift gegen die Masseninobhutnahmen durch Jugendämter in Deutschland, S. 87 ;Universitäten und andere Lehranstalten überprüfen bei den Einstellungsvoraussetzungen die pädagogische Eignung des Bewerbers. Siehe Berufsbild des Pädagogen.

[3] Law for the facilitation of measures in the family courts in case there is a risk for the wellbeing  of the children.Through the Law of July 2008 for the facilitation of measures in the family courts if  there is a risk for the wellbeing of the children were renewed the prescriptions in the proceedings of protection of the children in the familiy courts in the Federal Civil Code (BGB) and in the Law for the cases of Volontary Jurisdiction (FGG). 

[4]Gesetz zur Erleichterung familiengerichtlicher Maßnahmen bei Gefährdung des Kindeswohls
Durch das im Juli 2008 in Kraft getretene Gesetz zur Erleichterung familiengerichtlicher Maßnahmen bei Gefährdung des Kindeswohls wurden die Vorschriften zum familiengerichtlichen Kindesschutzverfahren im Bürgerlichen Gesetzbuch (BGB) und im Gesetz über die Angelegenheiten der freiwilligen Gerichtsbarkeit (FGG) neu ausgestaltet.