Send Shohret Zakir’s Relatives Who Granted Asylum Yet Attacked Uyghur Leader Back to China

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Send Shohret Zakir’s Relatives Who Granted Asylum and Attacked Uyghur Human Rights Organizations Back to China

An ethnic genocide, a 21st Century Holocaust is taking place in China at this moment. According to the United Nation and US state department, more than10-30% (one to three million) of the Uyghur population are put in concentration camps in East Turkistan (aka Xinjiang). Hundreds of cases of mass torture, rape and death is reported in the last three years and Chinese president Xijinping said “Absolutely No Mercy to Uyghurs”. Recent US congressional commissions on human rights in China confirmed “China May Have Committed Crimes Against Humanity”.
One of the masterminds and enforcers of the genocidal policies of communist party of China is the current governor of Xinjiang, Shohret Zakir. He is the No.1 ethnic Uyghur official who is directly responsible for this atrocity. Under his direct order, thousands of Uyghurs living abroad either deported forcefully back to China and disappeared or living in fear not sure of the fate of their relatives back home, no communication and travel is allowed for them to their homeland.
Yet, the relatives of Shohret Zakir, more than 20 of them according to credible sources, are living in the west, such as US, Germany, Turkey and other European countries, and even traveling freely to China and welcomed by their brother, Shohret Zakir and other officials. Some of them are asylum seekers in Germany and very aggressive to Uyghurs seeking for justice for their relatives disappeared back home. Recently, one of his sisters Mehirban Zakir and her husband attacked and attempted to beat the leader of Uyghurs, the president of World Uyghur Congress, Mr. Dolkun Isa in a public gathering in Germany and threatened him “not to speak up against this atrocity and her brother Shohret Zakir, otherwise his relatives back home will be punished to death for his actions”.
By this petition, we appeal to German government to investigate this aggressive attack on Uyghurs, check if Shohret Zakir’s relatives are asylum seekers and abusing the law with lies by showing themselves as victims of human rights violations. If any relatives of Shohret Zakir are living in Germany under the protection of asylum and yet sabotaging the Uyghur struggle, we want German government to disqualify their status and deport them back to China. Millions of Uyghurs want justice, this may bring some hope to Uyghurs that the perpetrators and collaborators of this “crimes against humanity” will be brought to justice, even if it is so late.