New appointmnt of cancel visa slots & extension of expired visa from German embassy Delhi

New appointmnt of cancel visa slots & extension of expired visa from German embassy Delhi

9 July 2021
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Why this petition matters

We have following concerns with German Embassy & VFS Global, New Delhi:-

1. German embassy, delhi issued 3 months visa to Students. But few unfortunate Students were not able to book a flight in between april and july due to second wave of corona and meanwhile their 3 months visa duration passed in lockdown. Now as eveything is starting again, embassy should simply extend their visa for next 3 monts, but they are treating it as a expired visa. And vfs delhi simply announced that students need to apply new visa. Here I want to clarify that, getting visa from scrach at German embassy Delhi involves many steps such as visa appointment slot booking at VFS delhi, waiting for visa approval, D stamping appointment booking, waiting for passport to be stamped and deliever to home address, which is approximately 6 months affair because of uncertainty in getting visa slot. Isn't it a harassment?

2. German embassy, delhi cancelled our visa slots of Master and Bachelor students which was in Apr & May 2021. Now everything is open but they are not rescheduling our visa appointments. They simply announced to rebook it again. 
Now people who are thinking that what is the problem in this. So, I want to further clarify them that:-
- Once someone booked an appointment by paying money (800-900 INR), VFS Delhi should reschedule it first instead of asking for rebooking or open the booking for everyone.
- Even, if we have to rebook, VFS, delhi should made some arrangement that students whose appointment got cancelled, they get first available dates. Its logical and its our right!

After reading our 2 main concerns with german embassy, delhi, you must be thinking, its just an appointment slot. Why dont all the students book it again. But it is not as simple as it looks like because whenever you open the booking website it shows no slots are available. Delhi VFS can open the slot on any day and at any time. They open slots of a perticular month. And when they open it, it has been booked in 5-10 minutes. If you missed it, you have to wait for next month and so on.

Why are we so frustrated, because:-

1. its happening at VFS, delhi only. All other VFS i.e. mumbai, kolkata, banguluru, chennai are working fine and handling the slots like a pro. Last year also it was the same scenario in delhi only. VFS delhi cancelled slots and even they are not bothered to refund the appointment booking amount. Why they are so arrogant, who is supporting them? German embassy, delhi?

2. Summer and winter semester 2020, summer 2021 students belongs to delhi jurisdiction are still waiting for their visa. And now winter sem 2021 are also in the que. German embassy, delhi to expand its capacity to give visa inline with yearly admission capacity of the students.

3. If visa expired due to covid lockdown, why all process need to be repeated. German embassy have approved application file, embassy can process that file itself, and simply need to stamp new visa on passport. Its logical. We request to have some humanity.

4. Getting Master and Bachelor student visa slot for  VFS delhi location is near to impossible task. Many times students complained that money got deducted but not showing appointment on our deshboard and no confirmation mail received. After that, If we try again to book, it shows you already booked with this passport number. So ultimately money gone, no appointment and not able to try to book an appointment again.

5. Our 1st semester will start from 1st october 2021, we had appointment in Apr, May 2021, now its july but we have not even at the beginning of the visa application process because of this strange decision of German embassy, Delhi to not reschedule the appointments.

6. All students opened and transferred 10332 euro in block account. Many students have tution fees, which they already paid. Many took loan from bank. Most of the students belongs to normal middle class families. Their whole life earned money is on stack. We are learning german language by paying huge amount of money. We paid german examination fees. We have not spent too much for online semester. Students future is on stack.

7. German embassy, delhi and vfs, delhi treats Students as nothing. Its the german universities who choose us very carefully based upon their selection criteria. We fullfilled that criteria. Embassy is not doing any favor on us by giving us a visa, its our right to get visa on time and we deserve to get an answer of our emails sent to VFS or Embassy. We have right to get a new date of appointment ASAP. Its always one way communication between Embassy and Students. Enough is enough! VFS delhi and German embasssy Delhi to change their attitude and working style.

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Signatures: 454Next Goal: 500
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