E. belongs to his mother Kristina Nobis and brother N. in Germany

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E. who was born in Germany in June 2018, lived with his Mum and his brother N. In February 2019 Kristina was betrayed by her former Ex and signed an agreement wich allowed him to take the Baby overseas to England.

Planned was to live togehter in England, after E. was brought to England by the father he broke up with Kristina. Since then Kristina fought to get back her Baby, but no one seemed  to care about what happend to her.

In November 2019 she run away with him and for more than a year it was just the two of them.

On 14.12.2020 they got caught and E. was taken away. He does not know where Mammy has gone. He does not know where he is, he does not understand the language being spoken. E. needs his Mammy and she needs him.

Please Help, so that the E. can come home and be with his mother and brother!