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Prosecute Tamira Ci Thayne for the cruelty and neglect of DDB dogs

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Tamira Ci Thayne, CEO and Founder of Dogs Deserve Better, is attempting to evade prosecution and get away with a horrible crime. She has been accused of cruelty and neglect against animals. Specifically:

1) Using pepper spray and tasers on dogs
2) Crating dogs up to 19 hours a day
3) Inadequate vet care when they were involved in fights

Gerald G. Poindexter, the Commonwealth's attorney for Surry County, brought charges against Thayne and a trial was scheduled for March 5th, 2013. However, through a vicious and outrageous campaign of threats, harassment, and intimidation, a key witness backed out of the trial at the last minute.

The Animal Control Officer who brought the original complaint, informed Thayne on April 29 that the charges would be refiled.

Thayne immediately retaliated by posting very personal information and very damaging information against one of the witnesses, including their personal pay history, personal communications, and posting about a diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis on Thayne's web site.

Here is the page where she is trying to attack, intimidate, and discourage her accusers,

Thayne was supposed to have been ordained as a minister not a few weeks ago. Are these the actions of a clergy member?

They accused this witness of embezzlement five months after it was supposed to have occurred. They filed charges of embezzlement 1 week before Thayne herself was arrested for neglect and cruelty. Dogs Deserve Better's (DDB) treasurer was too incompetent and allowed an accounting error to go unchecked for 5 months. They filed the embezzlement charges to

1.) Discredit the key witness against Thayne
2.) Cover up an accounting error of their own doing

The district attorney found no evidence of embezzlement, and the witness has not and will not be charged with a crime. The state police and district attorney cleared her of any wrong doing.

Thayne is now engaged in an outrageous and vile publicity stunt to get away with her crimes. She is claiming to be on a hunger strike until she gets justice. It is nothing more than a public temper tantrum.

Her hunger strike blog,

We insist that Thayne be prosecuted for her crimes and that she not be rewarded for her public antics.

We also insist that she be charged with witness tampering and initimidation and that she be investigated for violating the privacy of previous employees.

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